Three Ways To Identify Payday Or Installment Loan Scams

Some of the worst scammers are those who take advantage of your need and desperation for something to tide you over till the next paycheck. These criminals can hide their ill intentions very cleverly, so it's up to you to spot the scam before it bites you. Here are three tips to help you spot a scam in time.

1. Check the business's reputation

There are two important steps you can take here. First, check their customer reviews. If they have a variety of reviews ranging from positive to ambivalent with most on the positive side, you can be fairly sure of having a good experience with them. A business that has no reviews, bad reviews, or only one or two glowing reviews might be suspect. (Or maybe it's just a band-new business. Use discretion when interpreting the signs.)

2. Make sure they're accessible 

A business that has nothing to hide should have multiple means of contact for your convenience and should offer customer support within reasonable business hours. If their contact information isn't valid, they never return your calls, or they seem to be trying to limit your access to them in any other way, it's likely that the business has something to hide. In addition, having access to the company's representatives is an important part of acquiring the loan, because essential points of communication are often easier to get across in person, and emails can be easy to misunderstand.

3. Don't agree to anything unreasonable

Before you sign anything, make sure you read ALL the small print. If you don't, the business could make you agree to anything they like just by putting it in the contract, and you'd never know till it was too late. Of course, a reputable payday loan company won't be trying to do anything like this, but reading the fine print is good practice in general and can set your mind at ease. In addition, the fine print may contain articles of business policy that are very relevant to your loan but that you (and the business representative) didn't think to bring up before because you didn't realize they would be an issue.

These three tips are an essential part of any business dealings, but are especially important when you're in a financial emergency that causes you to need a payday loan. You can't afford to have any misunderstandings or fall victim to any scams, so keep these tips in mind any time you're thinking of taking out a loan such as a payday loan or an installment loan.

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