Do You Need To Send Money To Someone Vacationing In Mexico? What To Know

If you have a friend or relative on vacation in Mexico and they have forgotten their wallet or purse and need you to send them money, you have a few options. You can send money in Mexico hassle free if you use specific providers, and you won't have to worry about doing any conversions.

Since you can't send the person an ATM card or credit card, without having to pay a hefty amount for rush shipping fees, and this still may not be fast enough, you have to consider the following options instead.

Contact Your Bank

Does your bank have a branch in Mexico where the other person is located? If so, you should be able to contact your bank and have the money set aside for them. If they have lost their identification, you want to set up a pin number for the bank to ask the person, to make sure that the money gets in the right hands.

Find an Accredited Money Transfer  Company

There are some large money transfer companies that you can use online to send money to others in foreign countries. If you are skeptical or you are concerned about how the person is going to get the money you send, call and talk with an online representative to talk about the concerns that you have. Again, if they don't have any identification, ask the company if you can contact a specific branch and set up a security question for the person to access the money.

Hotel Gift Shop

Is there a gift shop or small shopping center at the front desk where their hotel is? If so, can you call online and order something, and then take a cash advance on the purchase to give it to the person in need of money? Are there gift cards or travelers checks that can be purchased in the shop? This is another way that you could get them spending money while they are in Mexico.

If you need to send money to someone in Mexico and you aren't sure what the safest way to do it is, these are going to be a few different options that you can try. How much money they need and long they are going to be there may alter how easy it is to get them the funds, but any of these options should offer them same day options to get cash. 

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